How the offseason stages work

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How the offseason stages work

Post  BloomKing07 on Mon Nov 12, 2012 9:09 pm

I wanted to post this so that we all understand the new off-season (between Super Bowl and PreSeason Week 1) schedule. It no longer goes simply from Super Bowl to Draft to PreSeason.

Stage #1 - ONLY chance to resign players before FA. You will see players listed here that had 1 year left on their contract that hadn't been resigned, as well as ADDITIONAL players that you never had a chance to re-sign during the year that were also in their final contract year!! - Very important stage!

Stage #2 - Free Agent offers begin. Trading is now available.

Stage #3 - #6 - Scouting and Free Agent offers continue. Trading continues. (Stages 3 and 5 are skipped automatically in game.)

Stage #7 - Scouting only (Scouting points do not carry over into next season so you should be sure to use up all remaining scouting points during this stage). Trading continues.

Stage #8 - Review Free Agency Recap and NFL Draft - Last chance to do trading before advancing to the next year. - VERY important stage!

Stage #9 - VIEW rookie signings (the signings are done automatically. - Unimportant stage.

Salary Cap Per Year
2012 - 120M
2013 - 130M
2014 - 137.5M
2015 - 142.5M
2016 - 145M
2017 - 145M
2018 - 145M
2019 - 145M


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